Application for Accreditation


This application is to be completed ONLY by those organizations that have received a formal proposal for IAR accreditation and are hereby proceeding to ACCEPT the terms indicated in the proposal issued and the IAR fee schedule. If you have not receive a formal proposal for accreditation please access the inquiry form to first request a proposal.

Section 1 - General Information

Please ensure that the applicant information is provided below as it would appear in the Accreditation Certificate.

Applicant Organization
Proposal Code
Management Rep. Name
Telephone Number

Section 2 - Accreditation Standard

Please select the accreditation standard. Organizations seeking accreditation to multiple standards must submit a separate application for each.

Accreditation Standard
Accreditation Action
Number of Programs* 
Number of Locations
Approx. Date For Accreditation Evaluation (mm-dd-yyyy)


-For MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATION BODIES the first fifteen (15) sector codes are covered by the “first program” fee. Each additional set of up to fifteen (15) sector codes, and/or each additional management system standard is considered an “additional program”.

-For EDUCATIONAL/TRAINING ORGANIZATIONS each additional course beyond the first course is considered an “additional program”.

-For LABORATORIES the first thirty (30) methods are considered the “first program”. Each additional set of up to thirty (30) methods and/or each additional accreditation standard is considered an “additional program”.

-For PERSONNEL CERTIFICATION BODIES each discipline beyond the first certification discipline is considered an “additional program”.

-For INSPECTION BODIES each field of inspection beyond the first field is considered an “additional program”.

Management System Standards (For ISO/IEC 17021 Applicants Only)

ISO 9001 OHSAS 18001 ISO 28001
ISO 13485 ISO 20000 ISO 50001
ISO 14001 ISO 27001

Other Management System Standard (s)


Industry Sectors (For ISO/IEC 17021 Applicants Only)

1. Agriculture, Fishing
2. Mining and Quarrying
3. Food Products
4. Textiles and Textile Products
5. Leather and Leather Products
6. Wood and Wood Products
7. Pulp, Paper and Paper Products
8. Publishing Companies
9. Printing Companies
10. Manufacturing of Coke and Refined Petroleum Products
11. Nuclear Fuel
12. Chemicals, Chemical Products and Fibers
13. Pharmaceuticals
14. Rubber and Plastic Products
15. Non-Metallic Mineral Products
16. Concrete, Cement, Lime, Plaster, etc.
17. Basic Metals and Fabricated Metal Products
18. Machinery and Equipment
19. Electrical and Optical Equipment
20. Shipbuilding
21. Aerospace
22. Other Transport Equipment
23. Manufacturing not elsewhere Classified
24. Recycling
25. Electricity Supply
26. Gas Supply
27. Water Supply
28. Construction
29. Wholesale and Retail Trade
30. Hotels and Restaurants
31. Transport, Storage and Communication
32. Financial Intermediation; Real Estate; Renting
33. Information Technology
34. Engineering Services
35. Other Services
36. Public Administration
37. Education
38. Health and Social Work
39. Other Social Services
40. Medical Devices

Section 3 - Administrative Formalities

Please submit a PDF copy of your Policy Manual which should include a simple matrix demonstrating how your Management System documentation addresses the requirements of accreditation standard.
Policy Manual

A Purchase Order is required with this application. The P.O. must be issued referencing the Proposal Code and reflecting each of the service items and fees (including any application fees) indicated in the formal proposal.

Purchase Order
Purchase Order Number

By submitting this application we agree to fulfill the requirements for accreditation and the other obligations in conformance with the applicable accreditation standards selected above as well as the conditions reflected on the proposal referenced above.

Electronic Signature /First Name Last Name/
Title of Authorized Officer